NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— In an exclusive interview this week with WGNO, Mayor LaToya Cantrell spoke of a holistic approach to fighting violent crime, including programs for young people.

And while many residents see these elements as important, the fact is New Orleanians want to see results, and they want to know what the city is doing to stem the violent crime wave we’re facing.

Cantrell stated, “What I will say is several things is 1. I’m going back to facial recognition, which is a tool that NOPD has consistently asked for this ordinance to be amended, to be a tool back in the toolbox. In addition to that is our redeployment strategy. Having our officers go back to 12-hour shifts and creating visibility throughout the city of New Orleans is something that we have seen have a positive impact. Our officers remaining engaged, we’ve made 484 arrests in June alone which surpasses the arrests we made even in 2019.”

The mayor also implored the criminal justice system to step up after violent criminals are taken off the streets, saying “What we need are consequences for those who are arrested, and that doesn’t rest with me as mayor nor the New Orleans Police Department.”

While a lot of attention has been given to the fact that the mayor and some council members have been at odds with the crime-fighting strategy, the mayor does support the council’s efforts this week on the abortion resolution they passed.

“I commend all those who’ve stepped up our district attorney has rendered a statement which I agree with in not prosecuting mothers or our health care providers. I commend the New Orleans City Council for passing a resolution. It speaks and it’s definitely aligned with my thoughts and support of women in our community and around the State of Louisiana,” said Cantrell.