U.S. Senate race heating up with Cassidy, Perkins and others

Moving New Orleans Forward

NEW ORLEANS— While there are a total of 15 candidates in the contest for senate, by all accounts this is a 2 horse race between incumbent Senator Bill Cassidy and Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins.

The Republican Cassidy is a physician who’s running on his record, “I’ve worked really hard for 6 years for the people of Louisiana.

The Democrat Perkins, is a West Point and Harvard Law grad who says it doesn’t matter that our state is considered red.

Perkins said, “You think about the 400,000 Louisianans right now, who applied for unemployment benefits and have seen their senator vote against on multiple occasions those Louisianans don’t care who’s a Democrat or Republican, they need to feed their families”

Candidates for U.S. Senate from the Lousisiana Secretary of State’s website

Senator Cassidy says he also understands the plight of our citizens, but he’s the man for this moment in out history.

Cassidy stated, “If you want to lead, you’ve got to lead through tough times and this is one of the toughest times we have out there.”

For his part, Perkins says that our representatives in Washington should be doing more, “I believe in a functional government. I want and I know that people deserve resources in order to really create opportunities in communities”

AFTER THIS STORY AIRED, SENATOR CASSIDY’S OFFICE CONTACTED WGNO WITH THIS STATEMENT: “(Senator Cassidy) voted for the passage of the original $600 unemployment benefits in the Cares act and he has repeatedly called for the benefits to be extended, but Senate Democrats have blocked Republican efforts to extend the benefits.”


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