Local author puts his experience in a book aimed at curbing black-on-black crime

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A local man has written a book about his experience of breaking the law, going to prison, and then becoming a productive citizen.

Troy J. Walker, author of the book, “I’m Not Your Enemy” hopes his book will help others.

As a young man, Walker spent some time dealing drugs and it was a chance encounter with rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy, whose words would prove prophetic.

Walker stated that the rapper complimented on his car at an after party in New Orleans then, “I said, ‘I’m a street pharmacist.’ And he was like, ‘You’re poisoning the people. You’re a mule.’ At that time it didn’t really have a lot of weight, and I understood, but I couldn’t really understand it. 3 months later I wound up in jail, and now what he said made more sense. I’m looking at everyone in here that looks like me, in here for the same thing.”

While locked up, Walker began to educate himself and was on a path of knowing and loving who he was. He was released from prison decades ago but the ongoing struggles of his community prompted him to figure out a way to address black-on-black crime.

According to Walker, “I’m not a writer, but I was forced to write because I want to be on the front lines to help these kids, to help these young men and women to solve differences without violence. You don’t have to that. You’re destroying not only the person but the families, generations that’s coming from these individuals you’re killing, and that’s part of helping us in the future.”

You can order “I’m Not Your Enemy” on Amazon or pick it up locally at Community Book Center

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