Final push for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional Race

Moving New Orleans Forward

NEW ORLEANS— We’re less than 48 hours from the race to replace Cedric Richmond in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District and wwe got a chance to speak with a few of the candidates.

New Orleans businesswoman Desiree Ontiveros spoke about some of the challenges of an outsider running for office.

Ontiveros said, There are people and powers that be that do not want any sort of disruption and it prohibits a lot of people like me from people like me from stepping into the political arena.”

This is also a claim shared by Republican candidate Claston Bernard, who touts his conservative roots.

According to Bernard, “You fix the family, you fix education and most of the other issues that we’re dealing with will go away.”

Gary Chambers out of Baton Rouge has made a name with his grassroots campaign, but also sees himself as an outsider.

Chambers said, “I believe we’ve had leadership for far too long that has compromised on issues that should be compromised on, and hasn’t prioritized the people.”

The acknowledged front runners include longtime State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, sho says that a vote for her is a vote to increase the minimum wage.

Carter Peterson says, “(A vote for her) also means that they will have a strong leader who will fight in a bold and courageous way on the issues that that matter most like affordable healthcare, like making sure there’s a quality public education system in place and also fighting to make sure that these environmental injustices are addressed all throughout the district.”

Finally, Senator Troy Carter is the other front runner hoping to head to Washington on behalf of the residents here. He touts his experience and connections to get things done.

“In congress, being able to have relationships with members and the White House really translates into bringing resources home. Having the endorsement of so many members congress who are in leadership, and of course having Cedric Richmond, who’s a senior adviser to the President of the United States, will give Louisiana a huge advantage,” said Carter.

Click here for information on the 15 candidates vying for the congressional seat.


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