NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The Mississippi is the lifeblood of our region and a significant economic engine. But the last 3 weeks have shown that this river can be very dangerous to people that live nearby.

The loss of 3 young lives to the dangerous currents prompted Congressman Troy Carter to propose an amendment hoping to get the Army Corps of Engineers to improve safety along the banks of the Mississippi.

According to Carter, “(The amendment aims) to make sure that employs modern technologies like sirens, call boxes, signage, fencing where possible. To put those things in action so no other family has to suffer the tragedy of losing loved ones.”

That amendment passed and now heads to the full house for debate. As for Ally Wilson-Berry, and her family today was a special day at her school.

Ally’s mother, Octavia Wilson, stated, “It’s a celebration. That’s why I came here to celebrate. Today would have been the day that my baby graduated and she’s going to go to the big school. And that’s all she talked about ‘I’m going to the big school.”

Dozens of families joined Wilson-Berry’s for their second grade graduation. While it was a day of celebration, this day was also filled with emotion.

“It’s a struggle everyday knowing that I’m in my home without my two baby girls, but I will not let them fade away. I will not let ’em fade away. I will do any and everything I can as a mother to keep them alive. Even though they’re not here, they’re here in spirit,” said Wilson.