District E Vaccine Task Force encouraging residents to #taketheshot

Moving New Orleans Forward

NEW ORLEANS— District E Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen and the vaccine task force is promoting a three word campaign designed to encourage the 86,000 residents of New Orleans East and the 9th ward to #TakeTheShot.

Nguyen says, “We get it. We know that in order to get out of this, you gotta take the shot.”

The task force was formed in January to formulate a plan.

District E Vaccine Task Force (WGNO-TV 3.6.21)

According to Dr. Michael Griffin, CEO of the DePaul Community Health Centers, “It was very important to get started and start where we were, whatever dosage we had, to get our work flow together and get people in and out and understand how we could work with the vaccine.”

With a significant minority population, vaccine hesitancy was also an issue they work to address.

“A lot of misinformation that we were getting whether it was from the internet, whether it was from the grocery store, from the beauty salon, every body had an opinion about the vaccine,” said Dr. Takeisha Davis, CEO New Orleans East Hospital.

The formulated plan is a multi-pronged approach to get the correct information to residents and provide places where you can get the shot, and even delivering vaccines throughout the community with mobile units.

Nguyen countered, “Most importantly, it’s working towards getting 100% of all of our residents vaccinated.”


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