NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The Women’s Foundation of the South was created to address the specific needs of non-profits doing work to enhance the lives of minority women.

Founding President and CEO Carmen James Randolph says succinctly, “We work to bring more resources to women and girls of color across the south and we have organizations that are serving women and girls of color led by women of color, who are doing everything, fighting for voting rights, working on climate change, helping us with mental health. So doing important work, but yet their work is often under-resourced. So, they’re doing the most with the very least.”

According to WFS, non-profits that benefit women of color in the South are funded far less than other non-profits.

“Women and girls of color receive $2.36 of philanthropic investment. That’s of the billions that are invested nationally,” said Randolph.

The annual fundraiser for WFS is called Crescendeaux: A Carnival of Culture. Crescendeaux is designed to be a hybrid in-person and virtual event, showcasing women of color designers in the South who are innovating their craft and pushing beyond boundaries in their field.

According to Randolph, “Crescendeaux is a celebration. It’s a celebration of not only women’s empowerment but all the beauty and creativity of women.

The Crescendeaux Gala is Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Orpheum Theater.

For more information on the event, visit the Crescendeaux Gala website.

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