NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)—As of Monday, The Metropolitan Crime Commission reports that 702 vehicles have been stolen and 638 burglarized already in 2023. While those numbers are alarming, the number of guns being stolen out of vehicles are creating much bigger problems.

ATF New Orleans Agent in Charge, Kurt Theilhorn, “Firearms seized is about 1,600 and of those over 1,100 of those were stolen from vehicles, so you’re looking at more than 1,100 of 1,600 taken from vehicles in 2022.”

Today the New Orleans City Council adopted an ordinance to fund an outreach effort.

According to District E Councilman Oliver Thomas, “We’re going to work with a provider where you could go get a lock box. Education campaigns is something we’re going to talk about now,put on the council website. Let’s start letting people know they may not have committed the crime, but their gun was used in that crime and I don’t think people want that to happen.”