NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — “Tell It Like It Is” is not only the name of R&B legend Aaron Neville’s biggest hit song, but also a new book hitting shelves on Tuesday.

Neville says he wanted to write his own story, “You know, sometimes people pass on and somebody else will write the memoirs and don’t know the details yet.”

With a career spanning over half a century, the New Orleans native commented on the scope of his performance.

Neville said, “Well, the first recording was in 1960. But I mean, I’ve been doing music since the projects.”

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Neville spent significant time in the book addressing his own substance abuse issues and offered advice to anyone struggling.

“You start off experimental, you know, with a drug and thinking it’s your friend, you know, then you’ll be a friend for a while. You know, you feel good. And after a while, it turns on you runs you through hell with gasoline drawers on. That’s a bad journey there.”

Neville is retired from recording and performing and lives on his farm in New York with his wife Sarah Friedman.

The book “Tell It Like It Is” is in stores now.

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