NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A new restaurant showcasing the tastes and traditions of its acclaimed chef’s homeland, has brought West Africa to Magazine Street.

The chef’s name is Serigne Mbaye and he has really made a name for himself. He was nominated for a James Beard award last year and after working in some of the city’s most notable kitchens, his signature cuisine finally has a home of its own.

“I just feel like New Orleans has adopted me like a lost relative. I think my love for New Orleans is to share my culture and cuisine with them,” said Serigne Mbaye.

Serigne Mbaye’s Dakar pop ups had become legendary here in town, serving dishes inspired by his Sengalese homeland and that of his family now in the space called Dakar.

“To continue that legacy that my mom started early on and to do it in a way that pays homage to my people, but most importantly to incorporate all the experience and all the techniques that I’ve learned,” said Serigne Mbaye.

For his dishes, Mbaye sources fresh local ingredients and seafood. According to the chef, cultivating relationships with farmers and fishermen is important to how the food turns out. Dakar serves full-tasting menu that takes you on an international culinary journey with native dishes and teas made with local ingrediants.

“I think the tasting menu allows me to show folks the journey that I have lived. I think for me a tasting menu is a love letter, and it gives me the opportunity to really focus on every single ingredient.”

They are located at 3814 Magazine Street.

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