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NEW ORLEANS– A group of moms is celebrating New Orleans’ birthday in an angelic way!   News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez introduces us to the FIT4MOM NOLA Riverside exercise group.

These little angels are the best workout partners for the FIT4MOM NOLA Riverside workout group.

The guardian angels work out while the babies keep a watchful eye.

The moms don’t always dress as angels to exercise, but today is a special day.

“Amy Kirk Duvoisin, a local artist has set this in motion.  She’s requested that all New Orleanians dress in angels wings today to celebrate the angels of New Orleans on her 300th birthday,”  Whitney Perkins with FIT4MOM NOLA said.

With or without wings, this kind of workout feels heavenly for these fit moms.

“It really is a great way to get together and build community.  It teaches the children to be happy and healthy.  I think it teaches them that it is okay to take care of yourself and that’s important,” Perkins said.

Throughout the week there are multiple fitness classes at various parks around New Orleans, and they are free to join.

The FIT4MOM NOLA group also offers play groups and mom night’s out.

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