Mahony’s Po-boys & Seafood to feed essential workers amid COVID-19 crisis

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NEW ORLEANS – A local sandwich shop is going the extra mile for our essential workers! 

Mahony’s Po-boys and Seafood has been serving the New Orleans community for the last twelve years! As of last Wednesday, they’ve changed the inside of their Iberville restaurant to a commissary kitchen for a good reason!

“We created the Loaves of Love Program” President of JMH Hospitality, Glen Armantrout told WGNO this morning. 

Loaves of Love is a system that brings po-boys on board to feed essential workers!

“My sister-in-law called me and said “Hey, I wanna send some of these mini po-boy trays to a friend of mine’s daughter whose working at Oschner and it just hit me right there.”

For every dime donated or tray of po-poys bought, Mahony’s matches it with another one and delivers it to our health care heroes. 

“You can get a ham and turkey po-boy tray for $40 and we have the roast beef and the club for $50” Armantrout shared.

It takes a couple of hours everyday to prepare these sandwiches with the help of about three people! Mahony’s Po-boys and Seafood is served three different locations this afternoon– Touro Hospital was up first!

“Any type of meal that they can just have real quick and get back on their shift or go home and go immediately to sleep, we’re grateful for that!” Director of Emergency Department and Critical Care Services, Christopher Icamina said.  

Mahony’s is grateful for all frontline worker’s service– anything they can do do lessen the load.

When asked how long Loaves of Love will last? “We’re gonna continue this even after this epidemic and pandemic has passed us. We just feel it’s a good thing, it’s a good fit for our city it’s a good fit for what we do.”

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