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BATON ROUGE La. (WGNO) –  Six former employees of an on campus McDonalds have been arrested and Louisiana State University police say more could come as details emerge from a scheme that swindled more the $31,000 from students.

“Most of the transactions were in dollar amounts anywhere from one to ten dollars per transaction that were being over charged and then pocketed by the individuals involved,” Capt. Cory Lalonde said.

The owner of the McDonalds said all employees known to be involved in the scheme have been fired.  The McDonalds has also changed the way they issue receipts, to prevent this from happening again.

But after hearing the news LSU students say they feel violated.

“I mean I thought that they had it in place so that the only people who could use the money you’re given was like the school and the corporations so if singular people can steal actual money from paw points it sorta makes me wonder why they even have them,” said LSU student Jordan Peters.

“It’s a little discerning for sure. We’re poor students we don’t like being scammed out of our money,” added Austin Rollins

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