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NEW ORLEANS– On December 5th, voters in Orleans Parish get a chance to choose a new district attorney and several judges in a runoff election, and voters will also be asked to renew 3 funding sources for the City of New Orleans.

At a media round table today Mayor Latoya Cantrell said, “When you think about 2020 and all that we’ve been through, we’re only doing this because it is critical and essential to keep city services not only going forward but to be more effective and and efficient in terms of how we do business in our city.”

The mayor said the city can ill afford to allow the 3 millage proposals on the ballot to expire. Millage one deals with infrastructure and maintenance.

According to Cantrell, “Many of the challenges my administration has faced in order to fix are directly aligned with the lack of maintenance…over years.”

Millage 2 renews a library source of funding but is also adjusted to include money for early childhood education.

“Over 7,000 of our children do not have access to early care and we believe that this is an investment in our people which is an investment in our children,” said Cantrell.

Millage 3 addresses housing and economic development.

Cantrell stated, “Where we’re already investing in housing, we can also go into that community and and improve the economic landscape, the commercial corridors as well.”

Early voting stars this Friday, November 20th and lasts through the 28th and election day is December 5th.