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Bob Marshall has been an outdoors writer for the Times-Picayune for decades. He knows Louisiana’s coast and waterways better than just about anyone.  It was great news to hear Marshall and his wife, Marie, started a company called “Lost Land Tours”.

It’s a tour company and so much more.  The Marshalls will definitely show you the beauty of the wetlands in and around metro New Orleans, but they’ll also show you the massive destruction man has caused to the south Louisiana coast.

Decades of abuse by oil company canals and levee construction has almost stopped the natural land building process that normally takes place in south Louisiana.  We all know the stats, Louisiana loses a football field of land every half hour or so. That’s over 10 acres every day. Lost forever.   Unless the Marshalls have their way.

By educating folks, locals included, there is a chance to reverse these losses before it’s too late.

For over half a century university professors and concerned citizens, like the Marshalls, have been telling us about our disappearing fragile coast and for about half a century we’ve done almost nothing about it.

As a country after World War 2, we used the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe.  Maybe Bob Marshall’s Lost Land Tours can help us implement a new Marshall plan and rebuild Louisiana’s coast.