NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New Orleans Saints Hall of Famer and Entrepreneur Marques Colston has been honored with the Public Elevation Award by MENTOR for his philanthropic work at a local New Orleans non-profit, Son of a Saint.

Colston works closely with Son of a Saint to help transform the lives of young men growing up without a father. Having lost his father when he was 14, Colston shares with the young men resources and support he did not have access to growing up.

As an ambassador for the organization through the Receiving Gain Program, Colston meets with a group of young men to discuss topics ranging from leadership, personal development, life skills, and personal finance.

Colston continues to deepen his rich relationship with the City of New Orleans by giving back to the very foundation of the city, it’s youth. He considers time spent with his mentees as an investment in future generations.

“I’m truly humbled to be recognized alongside other individuals who’ve chosen to invest in the next generation,” said Colston.

“My journey hasn’t been a straight line. I lost my father at age 14 and it was a crushing loss at a critical time in my development. I know there are many young men out there facing a similar battle and that’s what inspires my work at Son of a Saint and beyond. My mission is to support these young men in ways that the younger me needed,” Colston said.

“Their grit and perseverance is a beacon of hope and possibility. But imagine what could be possible if they had access to experiences and resources not just to survive but to thrive,” said Colston.

“I urge us all to continue to commit to unlocking those possibilities, not as an act of charity but as an investment that is critical to securing our collective vision for the future.”

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