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Gallier Hall, which served as New Orleans’ city hall for over 100 years, has continued to be a focal point during Carnival celebrations, including Mardi Gras day.

The kings of most of the Mardi Gras krewes – including Rex, King of Carnival – stop at Gallier Hall to toast the mayor of New Orleans, along with other gathered dignitaries.

“As King Zulu you brought us this beautiful weather, you look spectacular, and on behalf of the City Council and the people of the city we bequeath the streets unto you for you and your lovely queen’s reign,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu when King Zulu passed on Mardi Gras morning. “So if everybody will help me raise a glass and say ‘Hail, King Zulu!’ ”

The King and Queen wished everyone a safe and happy Mardi Gras and thanked the public for adding to today’s celebration.

The mayor gave the King & Queen of Zulu keys to the city, and even joked that whoever gets to the city’s secret vault first can have everything inside.