THIBODAUX, La. (WGNO) — A Thibodaux man was caught in the middle of gunfire at the Circle K gas station on Causeway Blvd. Tuesday.

Dillon Benoit said, he was driving by when he saw the shooting. That’s when he was hit by a stray bullet.

It was a simple trip to the veterinarian that turned Benoit from parent to patient in a split second.

“When I got hit it just felt like a baseball bat hit me in that one little spot,” Benoit said. “I grabbed the towel I had in my car and held it to my leg to slow the bleeding. I figured I was already close to MedVet so I would keep going since they would have gauze to help stop the bleeding.”

When most people would’ve crumbled, Benoit mustered up the courage to keep going.

“I guess it was just a survival thing,” he said. “I knew that if I stopped I probably would just bleed out.”

Since then, Benoit said it has been tough going from living on his own to being dependent upon his mother.

However, his mom said the help has been pouring in. Friends and neighbors have offered up donations, food, help with Benoit’s dogs and just prayers for the family.

“I’m still blown away by that. I thought it was really cool,” Benoit said.

Benoit said he is thankful for the first responders on scene, hospital staff and thankful that his hit wasn’t worse. But that moment still plays back in his mind.

“She was preparing lunch yesterday and I heard her chopping something and I was like ‘is that bullets?’ Ya know, for a split second.”

But he’s staying positive. Just waiting until he can do the things he loves once again.

“Just glad to be alive and my family and friends, they’re not mourning me,” Benoit said. “They’re just glad that I’m okay.”