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METAIRIE, LA (WGNO) — Top tourism cities like Las Vegas have offered the opportunity for year, and travelers have booked trips to take advantage of the opportunity.

Now, an indoor firing range in Metairie is giving people the opportunity to fire a fully automatic machine gun — several kinds actually.  Locals and tourists are jumping at the chance.

The business is the Jefferson Indoor Range at 6719 Airline Drive.  Prices start at $95 for a fully automatic MP5 with 30 rounds of ammunition.  Range workers provide the gun rentals, the already loaded magazines, safety gear and instruction.

“They just want to check it off that bucket list,” says Jefferson Indoor Range’s Matt Marrero who adds that he sees everything from beginners to experienced shooters stepping up to give the machine guns a try.

“I had a girl today from Russia who’s never touched a gun before,” he said.

But the adventure doesn’t have to stop at the range.  Premium Tours and Transportation offers all kinds of tour packages for locals and tourists.  One of their most popular is called Gators and Guns.  The package begins with a trip to the indoor range to shoot machine guns and ends with a swamp tour, alligators and all.

“Oh everybody loves it.  The look on people’s faces after they shoot the machine guns is priceless,” says tour company owner Peter Van Dusen.