METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – It was a big win for LSU at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, beating Purdue 63-7.

LSU fans gathered at Walk-On’s in Metairie to cheer on their team and even sat alongside those rooting for Tulane in the Cotton Bowl.

“We’re cheering for Tulane, and we’re cheering for LSU. We just wish the games were not on at the same time,” fan Barbara Wolf laughed.

Some fans say LSU football strengthened their friendship.

“Both of the kids graduated from LSU, and they’re part of the Golden Band from Tigerland for four years,” LSU fan Kevin Hubbard said. Hubbard’s friend Bill Schilleci added, “We were going to all the games. We were loving it, tailgating, and all of us here have been having a great time over the last four years.”

Although the Tigers got off to a rocky start this season, fans say they still had faith.

“I thought that the first loss was just a shock, a wakeup call,” LSU fan Matthew Mount said. Fan Evan Blum added, “Brian Kelly, I think has done a great job, and it’s really cool to see what the team’s done. I mean, they probably shouldn’t have even been here, but what they’ve done, what Brian Kelly’s done, I think it’s really cool.”

Fans say defeating Purdue wasn’t going to be a problem.

“Drew Brees won’t help them out that much. Sorry to say,” Hubbard and Schilleci said. “We love Drew, but sorry, Drew.”

It was also ridiculous to ask who they thought may win.

“Oh, come on,” LSU fan Greg Owen said. “Go, Tigers. Come on!”

LSU finished the season 10-4.