NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- A young journalist at Loyola University has a bright future.

He’s a student from Arabi and he’s been awarded a WGNO Scholarship.

When asked about his future scholarship recipient Devin Cruice stated, “I like producing. It’s very rewarding. But I also want to do videography, I want to produce more sophisticated newscasts I want to push the limits of what we have here. At some point I really want to be a reporter. I love doing news packages. I love doing meaningful work in the community and highlight the things that haven’t been highlighted.”

Cruice is also a high achiever. He’s producer of the award-winning Loyola Maroon’s daily broadcast of the Maroon Minute.

Michael Guiusti, Director of Student Media/Maroon Advisor: “Students like Devin are the ones who kind of see the big picture, and they want to push us forward and make us better.”

Cruice also stated that the award came at an opportune time, “I really don’t know what to say I’m humbled. I’m very fortunate to have this happen and I’m grateful. My family needed it, and it was just right there.”