Louisianans prefer deep-fried turkey according to Twitter


NEW ORLEANS – While most states are sticking with a classic roast turkey, Louisianans love to eat deep-fried turkey.

Over 80 thousand turkey tweets have been tracked since November 1st. The experts at seriouslysmoked.com collected tweets and hashtags about how people are going to cook their turkeys this year. They then counted hashtags like #roastturkey, #deepfriedturkey, #smokedturkey, as well as phrases and keywords such as “roasted turkey recipe,” “deep-fried turkey recipe,” and “smoked turkey recipe” to quantify their data.

The state count was as follows:
Roast or “roasted” turkey – 29 states
Deep-fried turkey – 16 states
Smoked turkey – 5 states

Other methods such as “grilled turkey” did not win any states.


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