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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — Witnesses to the downtown shooting in Lafayette say there was a stampede of people running away from the shooter.

News Tens Britt Lofaso spoke with people who were in the area when the shooter opened fire.

She joins us live to show us where the shooting took place and how witnesses describe the event.

People at the scene tell me there was chaos when the shots rang out and that hundreds of people started running in every direction.

One woman I spoke with says she was pushed down by the large crowd running frantically around from the gunfire.

She says she walked away without being shot, but received cuts and bruises from being trampled.

A man I spoke with says he was standing outside a bar about two blocks from where the shooting happened and describes what it was like.

Conner Frederick says “I heard some commotion down the street and it was quite literally a stampede of people running down Jefferson. It was at least about 100 people running down the street.”

Tonight, the Lafayette Councils plan to discuss the incident.