FRANKLINTON, La. (WGNO) — During the past few weeks the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office cracked down on underage drinking. Law enforcement conducted an operation throughout the parish to see what businesses might be selling alcohol to juveniles. In May and July, a juvenile worked with deputies to visit 34 businesses that sell alcohol.

Out of the 34 businesses, 8 businesses sold alcohol to the juvenile, while 24 did not. In May, police reported that fifteen businesses were visited and four of them sold alcohol to the juvenile who was working with deputies. Those four businesses were the Chevron in Varnado, Market Max in Franklinton, Bridge Store in Franklinton and Stop 2 Food Mart in Franklinton.

In July, police conducted a similar investigation. Another four businesses sold alcohol to a juvenile. Those businesses were Chevron on Sunset Drive, Chevron on Marshall Richardson Road, The Pumping Station on Memphis Street, and the JZ Quick Stop on Highway 21.

Clerks at each of the offending businesses were issued a summons to appear in court according to the Washinton Parish Sherrif’s Office. Although 8 businesses sold alcohol to someone who is underage police acknowledge the businesses that did not allow it.

“I commend the numerous businesses that verified the age of the juvenile customer and refused to sell alcohol to them. I caution all businesses to always check the identification and age of customers who desire to purchase alcohol. If the individual is less than twenty-one years old, Louisiana law requires that alcohol outlets do not sell alcohol to them. That is the law and we will continue to enforce it. My hope is that the next round of business checks produces zero violators,” said Sheriff Randy Seal.