Disclaimer: All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty

BOGALUSA, LA. (WGNO) —The Washington Parish Sherrif’s Office is looking for a woman accused of contempt of court. According to Sheriff Randy Seal, 34-year-old Jessica Lynn Creel is wanted after a hit-and-run accident involving an elderly Bogalusa man.

Sheriff Seal said that she has a history of not appearing in court:

“Help us apprehend Jessica Lynn Creel,” stated Sheriff Seal. “She has a history of failing to appear in court and it is important that she be taken into custody. If you know where she is, please let us know. Jessica, if you are reading this, turn yourself in, because sooner or later we will find you and provide you with complimentary transportation to the Washington Parish Jail.

Anyone who knows the current location of Jessica Lynn Creel is asked to call the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office at (985) 839-3434. Callers may remain anonymous.