UPDATE: 10 P.M.: A four-day work/school week was approved in Acadia Parish. The board voted for Mondays off, with no remediation day. Monday will be a non-instruction day.

ACADIA PARISH, La (KLFY)– Since the proposal of a four-day work week, there has been mixed feedback throughout Acadia Parish.

Back in October, we reported on the survey school board officials sent out to see how the parish would respond.

Superintendent Scott Richard says the four-day workweek would extend school days by an hour to make sure an equal amount of time is spent in the classroom.

“We’re basically compressing a full normal school day and work day into four days.”

Some 80% of parents and faculty voted in favor of the shortened work week.

Sheree Lejeune, whose daughter already attends school four days a week, say she supports it.

“I find that it’s less stress on my kid. She handles the four-day week very well and it gives them that extra day if they need more on one.”

Brooke Hoffpauir however say it’s not ideal.

“I could see that being a problem because I have a child who has ADHD and her attention span it just is not, it wouldn’t work. I don’t see it working length-wise unless they get more frequent breaks.”