SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — Louisiana’s summer weather is here, which means for homeowners and renters alike, it’s termite season.

While termite extermination can cost homeowners hundreds and even thousands of dollars, one New Orleans-area homeowner has his own method for fighting off termites: a blow torch.

“It was a blow torch and a can of starter fluid and when the flames hit them they dropped pretty fast. I terminated thousands and thousands of termites last night,” Bellau said.

Bellau first tried to kill the pesky pests with an electric fly swatter, but that didn’t work as well as the blow torch.

“I don’t recommend doing this, I’ve been reminded that I need to grow up,” Bellau said.

Dubbed by WGNO as the “Termite Terminator,” video captured by Slidell’s Kenny Bellau shows his own method of getting rid of the insects. Watch him in action in the player above.

Bellau says despite killing off hundreds of termites, the pests also played like the Terminator — they kept coming back.

Over at Terminex—Entomologist Joe Martin says its best to have professionals come an inspect your home to asess the termite problem.

“What we saw with the termites swarming around the lights is young kings and queens leaving the mother colony. On a night after rain you get moisture, termites fly out of the mother colony, and they are having a mating party in the lights. Don’t turn off your lights. Walk around and see where they are coming from. Termites are looking for a moist place around the house, a tree, they are looking to start a new colony,” Martin said.

But those termites best stay away from the “Termite Terminator.” Because he will be back!

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