AMITE, La. (WGNO) — On June 13, the Tangipahoa Parish Fire Distruct 1 announced the purchase of “Fido bags” for pets.

The rescue bags are meant to give the proper care to pets when they need them.

The Tangipahoa Parish Fire District 1 posted the following statement on Facebook:

“The motto of the fire service is to save lives and protect property. However, we also believe our calling is to protect the lives of your beloved pets when we are called upon to do so. Thank you to our local veterinarian’s who donated money for us to purchase Fido Bags! These rescue bags will help us give your pets the proper care they need, when they need it! A huge thank you to Kent Veterinarian Clinic, Hutchinson Veterinarian Clinic, and Double Diamond Equine for sponsoring the Fido Bags!#thefetchfoundation