NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — An Entergy lineworker saved the life of a child while on the job.

According to Entergy, on May 27, Jacob Crawford and a co-worker were leaving a job in Tangipahoa Parish when they noticed something unusual.

The Entergy workers reportedly noticed that a car stopped abruptly and a woman exited her vehicle to retrieve a child from the back seat.

After realizing the woman was trying to help a choking child, Crawford parked and rushed toward them.

The woman handed the child to Crawford, and he performed the Heimlich maneuver and was able to dislodge an object from the child’s throat.

“I held the baby up and gave her a huge hug and then gave her back to her mom, and then we all hugged,” Crawford said.

He added, “To be able to use the training I’ve received at Entergy and with the Army National Guard to help someone like that, it was the best feeling in the world.”