TALLULAH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Louisiana State Fire Marshal is investigating the massive fire that destroyed an entire block in the downtown Tallulah area Wednesday, October 19.

Tallulah Fire Chief, Harold Allen, said three local business owners lost everything, and one business remains.

“It’s very unfortunate due to the loss of the businesses because you lose something as a part of your community, you know, you suffer the loss as well.”

“It’s gonna be hard on everybody as far as the fire because it is a very popular place,” said Robert Pee, a Tallulah resident.

Allen says firefighters didn’t wait to be dispatched because they were already on route, but the property was a complete loss. He says the owners are devastated.

“The personnel from the Tower Loan came in and they were asking us ‘could we look to see where certain things are in place,’ and we did that, but everything they were looking for was already destroyed. With the nail shop, they didn’t come in until later on after we had left.”

Another business lost was the Muffler Shop. Allen says the owners also lived within the building. He says they made it out just in time.

“The people that own it actually live in the back portion of the Muffler Shop. If you would say, they were at home at the time, or their business at the time.”

The only building standing is a local insurance business. Anna Shneider is a State Farm agent at the building, and she says her hurt goes to the owners who lost it all.

“I talked to the family that was living back there and we shared a moment and cried together. It was very sad. We left here just like every other night, everything can change in an instant, so it just makes you appreciate life and every moment.

Chief Allen said the cause of the fire remains under investigation.