SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) — On Monday, January 24, St. Tammany Parish held a press conference.

President Mike Cooper announced a major investment.

Cooper announced a $22.8 million investment for the Cross Gates Water Systems in Eastern St. Tammany Parish.

The initiative includes two new water towers, 30,000’ of new water main, a 1,000 GPM water well, two new permanent generators, and remote monitoring technology for the Cross Gates Water Systems.

“Our commitment to providing reliable, efficient infrastructure and creating more resiliency in our communities has never been stronger,” said Cooper. “I look forward to the implementation and construction of these projects that will help us in continuing to provide safe and reliable water in St. Tammany Parish. This investment is yet another example of how we can improve our communities when we work together with our local, state, and federal partners.”

Funding for the $22.8 million includes $15.7 million from the state through the Water Sector Program Grant Awards and $7.1 million from St. Tammany Parish.

Both contributions are derived from American Rescue Plan Act funding.

St.Tammany Parish officials said the investment will create resiliency and provide consolidation for the entire Cross Gates Water System, which benefits more than 8,100 citizens in Cross Gates, Meadow Lake, Ozone Pines, Southern Manor Mobile Home Park, and Lazy Wheels Mobile Home Park.

In addition to providing new infrastructure, the consolidation will provide secondary water sources, offer much-needed storage capacity and fire protection, and provide resiliency through severe, significant weather.