NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — What was supposed to be a tool to teach a lesson, turned into something troubling for teachers and students at Madisonville Elementary School. According to the St. Tammany Parish School Board officials, there were reports of an inappropriate slide being used to instruct second-grade students.

A school lesson was being conducted on Wednesday when 16 second-grade teachers were provided a PowerPoint presentation to use to teach the students about maps, but one illustration showed the layout of a school massacre. The map shows the route a man took in 1964 when he used a flame thrower and spear to kill 8 students and 2 teachers at a school in Germany.

Reports show that one of the teachers discovered what was being presented.

"The teacher who discovered this egregious error is to be commended for shielding his or her students from the map and for reporting the problem to administrators,"said St. Tammany Parish School Board Member Michael Nation. "The superintendent briefed all School Board members when the issue came to light and has determined the source of the error, and I`m confident he will continue to pursue the matter appropriately.