MANDEVILLE, La (WGNO) — On flag holidays like Labor Day, some streets in Mandeville might be among the most patriotic in the area thanks to an effort that started at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We wanted to do something patriotic in the community,” Mandeville Rotary Club member Tom Quinn told WGNO News.

Rotary Club members began offering flag subscriptions to neighbors for five of the flag holidays each year. For $50, club members will install an American flag with stitched stars and a 10 foot pole in your yard then remove it after the holiday has passed.

With 200 subscribers, the program raises $10k each year for as many as 15 charities in the area.

The best advertising for the club is when the work is actually underway. People who don’t have a subscription see the team in action and join the list.

Now, Rotary Club members say that the program has grown to the point that they need help.

“We’re bordering on the edge of where it’s too much work. We need some help. We need some new people to join Rotary,” Quinn told WGNO News.

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