ST. TAMMANY (WGNO) — Extra help is coming to St. Tammany residents through rent and utility assistance programs. The project called STRAP has already raised about $9 million in federal funding for more than 1,100 citizens since 2020.

Originally used for back rent payments, the program was changed to help renters who find themselves in financial hardship.

Additionally, a program called LIHEAP ( Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program) was set up to help homeowners and renters that have received “final notice” letters. Those in need of an application can call St. Tammany Parish Government’s Community Action Agency at (985) 646-2090 (Slidell) or (985) 893-3923 (Covington).

“I am incredibly thankful for programs like STRAP that bring federal tax dollars back to St. Tammany to help our citizens,” said Parish President Mike Cooper. “The last two years have been challenging for us all. I encourage all citizens in need of assistance to look to STRAP and our Community Action Agency to help lessen the burden.”

Requirements for the STRAP program qualifications include:

  • Government Identification
  • Valid lease
  • Details of back due rent
  • Evidence of financial hardship
  • Proof of housing instability

Although funds are paid on behalf of renters, landlords can receive payments by providing the following information:

  • Government Identification
  • Proof of ownership or authority to lease their property
  • Details of back due rent
  • Tax Identification Number

Applications are currently being accepted and anyone looking to apply can contact officials at or call (985) 898-3016 and make an appointment.