ST. MARTINVILLE, La. (KLFY) – What started out as a normal day at the pool for St. Martinville lifeguard Landon Kately, quickly lead to a moment that made him a hero.

St. Martinville City Pool lifeguard Landon Kately told KLFY News 10 that before his heroic rescue, there was nothing unusual about that day.

“I went on stand, and it was a normal day, about 20 people,” he said. “I was doing my normal zoning, I kept looking and I kept looking.”

Kately then explained the moment he noticed something unusual.

“I see her sister and her jump in. Then I see her sister try to make it to the ladder, but without her.”

It was at this moment that Kately noticed something was wrong.

“I see the sister cry out for her and then I see her head up and arms up, she’s gasping up water. She couldn’t make it. That’s when I blew my whistle and jumped in,” Kately said.

“Luckily when I picked her up, she was still active, she didn’t lose consciousness. I did hit her back a few times and she coughed up water,” he continued.

He credited his quick response and heroic actions to the training that prepared him to act, not panic.

“I’ve been training since seventh grade, since junior lifeguarding,” Kately stated. “We had to do a lot of training. Swimming back and forth, swimming the laps, and building stamina so when it comes time for the rescues, we’re not out of breath and able to continue the rescue.”

Kately told KLFY News 10 that while it feels good to be called a hero, he is looking forward to his next title –
College Student.