OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) – In the wake of the school shooting in Texas, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz hopes to make changes to ensure a safe school environment for children and staff.

For two days, deputies with the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office visited and collected safety data for all ten schools the sheriff is responsible for. 

The findings and suggestions will go towards the Crisis Management Response {Plan, that will be presented to the school board before the beginning of next school year. “There is a state law since 2019 that requires superintendents to get with law enforcement to make sure they have a crisis management plan,” Guidroz explains. 

In the wake of the deadly Uvalde School shooting, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz and his school resource officer supervisor are actively reviewing and making necessary changes to school safety checkpoints. Guidroz says, “We have to be proactive especially when it comes to children and staff at schools.”

The sheriff’s office is responsible for ten schools: six elementary, three high schools, and one alternative school. However, he only has three school resource officers on payroll. “They have to leave the high school unattended and vulnerable to go and check on the elementary schools. That is not good,” says Guidroz. 

In his proposed plan to the school board, Sheriff Guidroz says all schools need their own officer. To properly and effectively carry out that suggestion, he needs seven more. Guidroz adds, “It’s going to take funding. You have to factor in one person is right at $50,000 a year.”

Another big find during the safety inspections revolves around multiple entrances for the schools. He says the buildings and classrooms are too easily accessible from the outside. Guidroz says, “We found areas they have to do better with.”

Although the sheriff says there are changes the schools and school board need to make, he says his deputies are also reviewing their training and response times. “Our four shifts have swat team members so if something happens, members of the current working shift can respond and they don’t have to wait,” adds Guidroz. 

Sheriff Guidroz says he plans to take his ideas and safety suggestions to the school board in July.