ARABI, La. (WGNO) — “It’s much worse than I ever expected,” those are the words from Ewell “Corky” Potts III. 

He has a storage home in Arabi off Claiborne Court.  

When his neighbor called him yesterday to tell him about the damage to his home – he was shocked at what he found. 

“Devastating tornado, I’ve ridden out hurricanes but the damage from this tornado,” said Potts. 

All that’s left of his storage home is wood. The entire home was knocked to the ground.

Trees were ripped from their roots. Other homes were knocked from their foundation. 

It’s the devastating reality for many in the Arabi community after a deadly EF-3 tornado with winds between 136 and 165 mph showing no remorse spun through various neighborhoods

Powerlines are down, shingles were hacked from rooves – a car was even flipped over in the street. 

“Obviously hurt and distraught over what happened,” said Adam Polk. He’s with Disaster Relief Louisiana.  

“Poor people’s homes are destroyed,” said Potts. 

He just put up a brand-new fence post-Hurricane Ida. After the tornado rampaged through the area, the fence was no longer intact. 

“A house has moved about five feet from where it’s supposed to be,” said Potts. 

Although he’s not left with much from his storage home, Potts calls this a little bump in the road. He adds items are replaceable and he’s happy to be alive.