ARABI, La. (WGNO) — A plan for a new highway in St. Bernard Parish is in the works.

The St. Bernard Parish Government is being rewarded a $2 million federal grant to build a road to connect the St. Bernard Port, Harbor, and Terminal District and a local highway. The grant is funded by the American Rescue Plan and will be matched with $1.8 million in local funds.

It is expected to create 195 jobs, retain 390 jobs, and generate $15 million in private investment.

Parish officials have high hopes for the new highway, and those who live in the parish think it will help their neighborhood.

In Arabi, Rowley Blvd. takes you from West St. Bernard Highway to West Judge Perez Drive. Neighbors who live on the street say traffic is causing wear and tear to the road.

“Oh, there’s a lot of truck traffic on Rowley Boulevard,” explained Phillip Deogracias, who lives on Rowley Blvd. “In fact, that needs to be replaced right now.”

Eventually, there should be fewer trucks using Rowley Blvd. because federal grant money is allowing the parish to build a new road that would connect St. Bernard Port, Harbor, and Terminal District to a local highway.

“It connects Highway 46 with Highway 39, coming directly out of the port by the Associated Terminals site, so it will bring that traffic directly to Highway 39, rather than having it go through some of our neighborhoods,” said St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis.

Currently, drivers have to use alternate routes to get from West St. Bernard Highway to West Judge Perez Drive.

“You know, you have to go all the way to Paris Road to go to Judge Perez,” said Deogracias. “If they have another highway that will connect a big highway, we’d be doing great.”

McInnis says the portion of the property near the hospital, owned by the Meraux Foundation, will also be under construction.

“So, the future for that development or that site, it’s becoming a medical complex, and it’s something good for St. Bernard to sustain us in our health and our traffic,” said McInnis.

At this time, there is no timetable for construction to begin.