SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — La Louisiane House of Horror Haunted House on Texas Avenue re-opens Friday for thrill-seekers unafraid of quirky old buildings, zombies, and eerie set props from big-budget horror films and tv shows produced in the region.  

“The last movie I worked on was The Blind, but I’ve worked on a lot of films,” Ed Hughens, co-creator of La Louisiane said.

Ed Hughens has worked in lighting and set building for the movie industry since 2002. Hughens partnered with Robert “Possum” Miller, another film professional, to create the unique, movie-set-influenced haunted house in 2018. La Louisiane was forced to stop operating in 2020 for the COVID-19 pandemic.

La Louisiane House of Horror Haunted House, 2022. Photo by KTAL staff.

Hughens and Miller’s connections in the movie industry helped them make La Louisiane House of Horror an inadvertent movie museum.

“The plywood in the haunted house was part of the set for The Year One,” Hughens said.

The historic Shreveport building where the haunted house is staged was once a grocery store with beautiful brick walls, which you can catch a glimpse of if the zombies give you time to appreciate the structure.

But watch out for the guillotine.

“There will be actors coming through and fog machines going. Then there’s our haunted graveyard out back,” Hughens said.

Though the props aren’t marked to explain what movie sets they once graced, Hughens does have favorite pieces. Including a contribution from a Louisiana voodoo queen.

A few years ago, someone called Hughen’s partner Robert and said, “you need to get to this address; we’ve got a Marie Laveaux tomb for you.” The replica of Laveaux’s grave is situated at the front entrance of the old building.

La Louisiane House of Horror Haunted House, 2022. Photo by KTAL staff.

“We don’t know what movie it came from. We just got it,” Hughens said, laughing.

The haunted house has several scenes that are not for the squeamish. From ghastly jail cells to a dinner party that will make you anything but hungry, La Louisiane is a bargain at $25 a carload.

“And next year, we’ll do it even bigger and badder than this year,” promised Ed Hughens.

Can’t fill up a vehicle with your friends? Admission is $10 for those brave enough to go alone.

La Louisiane House of Horrors Haunted House is located at 1835 Texas Avenue in Shreveport.