NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — On April 8, Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson announced her resignation from the Louisiana State Senate after serving for 23 years.

Peterson announced her resignation on Twitter. She said April 7 was her last day in the Senate Chamber.

Here is what Peterson said in a statement:

“Since 1999, I’ve had the privilege to serve as a member of the Louisiana Legislature offering passionate and vigorous advocacy on behalf of the people of this great state. I am hopeful that my decades of service have had a positive impact on the lives of those for whom I have fought. I truly believe I have helped to advance our beloved state forward. I am proud of my years of service in Baton Rouge and sincerely thank my constituents for giving me the opportunity to represent their interests. I am also very grateful for all of the personal and professional support I have received from my colleagues, legislative staff, advocates, friends, and family.”

Peterson announced her resignation came from a personal struggle she had been dealing with.

“As I’ve previously shared, I have personally struggled with depression and a gambling addiction for the entirety of my legislative career; in fact, it has been close to 30 years,” said Peterson.

Peterson said she will be taking this time to focus on her recovery while spending time with loved ones.

Today, I am truly blessed to have the things that are most important in life: a loving relationship with my God and my family. I will be focused on my recovery and will continue to address those challenges resulting from my addiction. It is my intention to continue my service in the months and years to come in an area that will help others avoid the devastation, guilt, shame, and pain of this insidious disease. I humbly ask for prayers and support as I continue my journey of recovery and redemption. God Bless the State of Louisiana.”

Here is a video of Peterson on her last day of work.