Rev. Al Sharpton’s message to Lafayette: Trayford Pellerin’s case calls for justice


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Before he left Lafayette Thursday after delivering the eulogy at the Memorial Service of Trayford Pellerin, News Ten’s Mark Rigsby spoke exclusively with Reverend Sharpton.

Reverend Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist, minister, and politician has a message for Lafayette, not just the people who attended the funeral of Trayford Pellerin.

“This case calls for justice. There does not seem to be any justification that I can see as to why you would shoot a man that many times. There was no life extenuating threat. I am in full support of the non-violent peaceful protesters. And this family, I will be here when they need me to be here to call for justice.”

I asked him about the 15th Judicial District Court granting a temporary restraining order to prohibit any information or video in the shooting investigation be made available to the public.

“I think that’s very painful and very suspicious, because why would you, the day before the funeral tell the family they can’t even see why we’re having the funeral. What do you have to hide? Why are we not seeing the body camera footage? The purpose of body cameras is to see what happened. So why would you block it? It’s almost like not having it. I think it’s suspicious and questionable.”

Finally, I asked him about the Pellerin family.

“They’re heart broken and grief stricken. I think they were encouraged by the huge outpouring today from the community. I’ll be back.”


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