NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Starting May 3, 2023, Louisiana residents ages 18 and older will have to be in possession of a REAL ID compliant driver’s license in order to travel domestically. An identification card, a valid passport, or another acceptable form of federal identification will also be allowed.

Not only can the ID allow you to board domestic flights but also give access to federal buildings, military bases, and nuclear power plants. So far, more than 100,000 Louisianans have obtained their identification card within the last two months.

The difference between the ID and the original license or identification card is that the REAL ID, displays a gold star in the top right corner. In order to obtain the document, residents must visit the OMV or public tag location.

“I encourage all Louisiana residents to review the requirements and prepare accordingly for the May 2023 enforcement date,” stated OMV Commissioner Karen St. Germain.

The ExpressLane website is also available for residents to book an appointment. Those looking to obtain a REAL ID are asked to bring the following documents for verification:

  • Identity
  • Lawful Status
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Information

Congress passed the REAL ID act back in 2005 following a recommendation from the 9/11 Commission to establish minimum security standards. Anyone without a REAL ID or another acceptable document will not be allowed through security checkpoints.