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Port Fourchon, La. The U.S. Coast Guard tells WGNO that “thermal imaging” may have detected two survivors in the hull of the lift boat, Seacor Power, which capsized Tuesday (April 13).

However, private divers contracted by the USCG were able to get to the boat and knock on the hull. They did not hear a response.

The news comes as family members of the missing crewmembers met with the Coast Guard about the search.

“I wish they could dive at night, too,” Marion Cuyler told WGNO’s Kenny Lopez. “Once they get in, it would take four days because there are so many rooms to go through,” she said the Coast Guard told her.

The vessel left Port Fourchon with 19 crew members on board. As of Thursday night, 12 crew members are still unaccounted for.

Six crew members were rescued on Tuesday, and tragically, the body of the boat’s captain, David Ledet, was pulled from the water during search efforts.