PLAQUEMINES PARISH, La. (WGNO) — Plaquemines Parish officials have issued a drinking water advisory for some residents due to a rise in sodium levels in the water.

Officials announced via Facebook that the Pointe a la Hache Water System was experiencing high levels of sodium and chloride from a saltwater wedge moving up the Mississippi River.

The Environmental Protection Agency identifies the saltwater intrusion as a secondary contaminant, which means there is no threat to health but there is a possibility the supply could have a smell or taste.

“EPA’s secondary maximum contaminant level for chloride is 250 mg/L. The levels at the Pointe a la Hache Water Treatment Plant have exceeded those levels. These levels will fluctuate based on the saltwater wedge’s movement,” stated officials.

Additionally, the drinking water advisory is in effect for the Empire to Venice area on the westbank and the Phoenix to Bohemia area on the eastbank.

Residents who are on a low-sodium diet due to high blood pressure or kidney disease should take precautions when consuming the water. The EPA and Louisiana Department of Health advise individuals to consult their doctor on the level of sodium that they are allowed to consume.

Officials say they are monitoring and investigating the situation to find a way of lowering the sodium and chloride levels.

A bottled water distribution site is being set up for residents. Officials will announce the time and location.

Residents with questions on the advisory are asked to call Inframark at (504)-392-4177.

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