NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) –– We are just a few weeks away from Halloween, but ahead of all the usual frights, The Mortuary Haunted Mansion is opening its doors for anyone brave enough to enter. 

Located on New Orleans’ historic Canal Street stands a 150-year-old house that has worn many hats over the years. Creative Director Christian Stokes tells us the property––surrounded by cemeteries––initially opened as an actual mortuary. Thousands of bodies and mourning families moved through the house for about 80 years until it became a private residence. Fast forward a few decades, and it is now home to The Mortuary Haunted Mansion. But with such an active history, Stokes said he knows of at least four mostly friendly spirits who have stuck around. 

Guests walk––and scream––through roughly thirty rooms of sheer terror. If the thought of bumping into actual ghosts along the way doesn’t make your blood cold, then this year’s theme might: “Blood Wedding,” which means the house will be filled with vampires. 

Keeping with the theme, the team put on a contest to select a lucky couple to be turned into vampires by Hollywood makeup artists and get married inside the chapel within The Mortuary on Friday the 13th.

The haunt is open Thursday through Saturday through Halloween night, and you can find tickets and more information by visiting The Mortuary website.

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