NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — In the parking lot of Dillard University sat a reminder of the past – a picture of Tyre Nichols and Ronald Greene.

“It’s horrible, when I saw what happened to Tyre I thought of my son immediately,” said Mona Hardin. She’s the mother of Ronald Greene.

Students gathered around her and her daughter, Alana Wilson, as they spoke on Greene’s fatal encounter with Louisiana State Police back in 2019.

“It’s sickening, I got chills just here thinking about it,” said Hardin.

One by one, students wrote letters of encouragement to Greene’s family and spoke about their injustices with the police.

“He said my father was resisting. My father had his hands up,” said one student.

Greene’s sister said “one day my dream is that this state will have a heart for people in general.”

As stories were shared, tears came to eyes, and hands were held.

Greene’s family says his killing was not in vain – that God is using him as a vessel to make the change.

“He’s your brother, he’s your friend, he was a great uncle, he was a man of God,” said Wilson.

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