NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The family of former New Orleans Saints player and businessman Glenn Foster Jr., has filed a lawsuit against the funeral homes that handled Foster’s remains after after he died while in police custody in 2021.

The Foster family, Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump and a team of lawyers, stood in front of Orleans Civil District Court Thursday to announce the lawsuit against Garden of Memories Funeral Home and Schoen Funeral Home.

The lawsuits is based on allegation that Foster’s remains were mishandled hampering the ability to examine his brain in hopes to discover what led to his death.

“That’s why we’re here today, we want justice. Glenn was extremely protective of me. So I’m here because he cannot be here, even though he should be here. So I’m here to fight for him, and that’s what we’ll continue doing,” said Pamela Foster, Glenn’s wife.

Glenn was arrested in Pickens County, Ala. in December 2021 on counts of reckless endangerment, resisting arrest and attempting to elude police, the family reports.

His parents believe he was suffering from a “manic episode” before, during and after his arrest as he was known to have a history of mental health challenges.

While the family claims their independent autopsy revealed signs of strangulation, an autopsy done by the state of Alabama reports Foster died of Hypertensive Cardiovascular disease, listed as natural causes.

“I just want to say brother I love you. I’m here for you, you’re here with me and justice for Glenn,” said Bria Foster, Glenn’s sister.

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