NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — A Tremé homeowner is reportedly blaming a city contractor for the damage she found under her house.

Jalence Isle says that on Good Friday weekend in April, the roadwork that was started in her neighborhood began making problems on her property. With water running for several days, she reported the problem to the city.

“It wasn’t until May or June that I looked under my house because I had millipedes crawling all up my house and I could not understand why and I that point I saw this huge hole on June 14, I emailed Eugene Green, Roadwork NOLA, everybody who had been on the previous threads and I said now this sink hole that I reported that you did nothing about is under my house,” said Isle.

District D Councilmember Eugene Green says the emails have not gone unread and that Isle should file a claim with the contractor and get her lawyer involved.

“The Department of Public Works hires private contractors who have to be insured to address those claims,” said Councilmember Eugene Green.

Isle filed the claim and received a letter from the contractor a week prior, stating that there is no proof that the damage caused is related to the command working near her residence.

“That is why we utilize the resources, and I suggest that there is a private sector opportunity here if the complainant wishes to take advantage of that,” said Councilmember Eugene Green.