NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — The City of New Orleans has joined 21 other places that have begun to track Prosecutorial Performance Indicators (PPI), which seek to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency, and fairness of prosecution efforts.

On Tuesday (Oct. 11) District Attorney Jason Williams, along with business leaders, introduced a dashboard highlighting everything ranging from case performances to the makeup of the DA’s office staff with hopes of opening his office to the public.

“Transparency for the express purpose of building community trust. You can go and read the data for yourself and actually see what the numbers are,” DA Williams explained.

You can find the dashboard on the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s website, which includes organizational and staff stats, along with the numbers on jury trial results in the timeliness of case processing.

“Using these data indicators is a way to ensure that equity and balance are happening within the system. And uncover when and where it is not,” explained Melba Pearson ESQ.

When Williams ran for the office, his platform was on reform and transparency and the dashboard is a way to show that but the fact is there is an unprecedented violent crime wave.

WGNO asked Williams whether he hopes that residents can see what officers are doing to combat violent crimes as well.

“The hope is that the public can follow along and see the efforts that the men and women working early morning, late nights, and weekends and to see what it is they are doing and how it is impactful. Let me be very clear, we are measuring everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly,” said DA Williams.

The DA’s office says that once they know what they are not doing well, they will fix that. The dashboard includes a total of 55 indicators and Williams said his office is covering the budget that is associated with it and the goal is to update it in real time.

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