NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Entergy’s summer moratorium, preventing power shut-offs to New Orleans residents, is coming to an end and some are concerned that assistance has run out.

“I just hope that they can find another source that can actually help them because for some people they can’t do it. There’s child care, there’s housing that they have to pay for, so for a lot of people in this city– they’re in need, they’re actually in need,” said a NOLA resident.

Entergy has announced that, starting Tuesday, Nov. 1, the company will resume cutting off the power to some residents who haven’t paid their bill.

Not only that, but a community group that usually provides bill-paying assistance to low-income residents, is currently out of funding.

“Total Community Action” tells WGNO that eight hundred residents who’ve already applied for help will get it– but no ore applications will be taken until more federal money becomes available.

However, there is hope for renters through the city’s Office Of Community Development Utility Assistance program.

“It’s not for homeowners, it’s for renters,” said Tyra Johnson Brown with the Office of Community Development.

She says renters have to provide an ID and a utility bill that’s at least one month past-due.

Also, Entergy is encouraging customers who need help to sign up for a four-month, deferred payment arrangement.

At a meeting of the New Orleans City Council’s utility committee, Councilman JP Morrell said customers who want that option should sign up quickly.

“It is very important that they do so before the 1st,” said Morrell, “because I would expect on the 1st you’re going to see a cattle call of people.. both virtually and in person, trying to do all different arrangements on the same day.”